Dog Grooming


Be aware the schedule is booked out few weeks ahead. 

SPARKLE BARK is a full service dog grooming salon located in Castle Rock, Colorado. It is newly owned and managed by Kelli Wright as of September, 2021. 

[Brief introduction]

I have been grooming dogs of all kinds since 2008, focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction for you and your pooch. Grooming has become my huge passion and I strongly believe in making the dog's grooming process stress free with positive reinforcements, a great attitude, and of course, patience in an unique sense! While applying my knowledge of both the American Kennel Club's breed standard cuts and dog's wellness/health, your dog will definitely go home looking and feeling amazing! 

I specialize in special needs, senior dogs, and behavioral issues. 

I also love doing Doodles and Poodles! 

Grooming Services:

* Bath / Brush - pricing to be determined. 

* Bath / Brush with some trimming - pricing to be determined.

* Full Haircut - pricing to be determined.

* Walk in Nail Trim/Grinding - $20

All inclusive basics for every dog:

*Two deep cleansing washes with the one and only Prima Bathing System, Prima's           technology helps rejuvenate the pet’s epidermis by oxygenating underneath the fur, opening up the pores and completely cleansing them of oils and bacteria. 

*Follow up with a conditioner

*Ears cleaning/plucking

*Nail trim/grinding

*Anal glands express

*Blow dry / brush out / fluffed


All services are tailored to your dog's skin / coat condition: 

* Specialty Baths (Fleas, Skunk/Deodorize, Stain Removal)

* Medicated Baths (Tar & Sulfur, Chlohexidine)

* Depth De-Shed (Proficiently done with Sav-Ur-Fur undercoat nozzle), De-Shed     Conditioner, and Blow-dry / Rake / Brush Out

*Matting Removal / Shave Down

Possible surcharges that will impact the cost of groom could be the following: Agression, Express Groom requests, Removal of Mats, Excessive Shedding / Undercoat, Parasite Control (Flea&Tick), Senior or Special Needs Handling. 

714 B S. Perry Street Castle Rock, CO 80104 USA

Phone: 720-350-4180 / Direct TEXT only: 815-715-9968